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Otoport DP+TE OAE+ABR Manual Issue 5
Otolink Manual Issue 19.8

Technical specifications

Otolink Software

Otolink software is designed to get the most out of your Otoport.
The easy to use interface enables you to:
  • Download test data
  • View and manage test data
  • Export test data in a range of formats
  • Print test data
  • Update the Otoport with new firmware releases
On advanced Otoport models Otolink provides facilities for configuration, uploading worklists and importing Otoport data into Otodynamics′ EZ-Screen and ILO V6 software packages.
The intelligent software detects an Otoport when connected and automatically opens a user friendly options screen.
The Otoport patient and test data is then seamlessly transferred to PC for review in a Data Viewer.
  • Optional secure login for data protection
  • Full page colour test reports
  • Export data to OZ, Hi-Track, Excel and Ascii (configurable fields) data formats
The Otoport Advance is also supplied with V6 software, providing the added benefit of viewing the Otoport test data, including OAE waveforms in high resolution on a PC screen.