Otoport LITE DP
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Otoport Lite DP

Otoport Lite DP

The Otoport Lite DP is an easy and simple to use handheld DPOAE system with an intuitive interface for both paediatric and newborn hearing screening. Fast, accurate and automatic pass/refer result with low cost consumables and long battery life all make the Otoport Lite DP the ideal way to screen with DPOAEs.
Easy ‘press-and-go’ operation with choice of 2 key press test start.
In-ear calibration ensuring accurate results. 6 preset stimulus levels 60/50 to 70/70,
Fast and clear Pass/Refer result. 2, 3,or 4 bands pass criteria.
Searchable 500 tests stored with onscreen test result summary table.
Enter full patient demographic data as needed.
Programmable Worklist and downloadable secure database, login access if required.
Otoport Lite DPOAE Model

Standard Package - Order code: LTC-SD

Otoport Lite supplied with: UGD probe, probe test cavity, manuals, consumables starter pack including box of probe tips, infection control sleeve, charging cradle, Otolink software, equipment case.

Wireless Printer Package - Order code: LTC-PD
Otoport Lite supplied with: standard accessories as above, plus battery powered wireless mini-printer, printer charger, paper rolls.

Deluxe Package - Order code: LTC-DD
Otoport Lite supplied with: standard accessories as above, plus full docking station, battery powered wireless mini-printer kit, additional starter box of tips.