Otoport Flexi
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Otoport Flexi

Designed for the clinic and screening applications, the Otoport Flexi handheld OAE instrument can meet your needs. It’s easy to switch between analytical clinical modes and screening modes.
3 Animated distraction displays. Colour gradually fills if the child is quiet and fades when noisy.
Easy-to-use, one key screening or clinical setup.
Link test macro function - build a protocol giving a sequence of DP and/or TE tests.
Any 2, 3, 4 or 5 bands configurable. DP pass criteria.
High quality 12 frequency DPgrams or higher resolution. Normative range markers from 1-8kHz.
12 frequency bar graphs.

Live TEOAE waveform. Sensitive TEOAEs. 1-4kHz.
Worklist and downloadable secure database. Login access if required.
1000 tests stored. On-screen result summary. Detailed demographic data.
Otoport Flexi Package
Order code: DTC-S

Otoport Flexi supplied with: UGD probe, probe test cavity, manuals, consumables starter pack including box of probe tips, infection control sleeve, download cable, charger, Otolink software, equipment case.