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Plus ABR


Clinical OAEs with ABR screener
An automated OAE+ABR all-age screener, with Gold Standard DPOAE and TEOAE analysis.
ABR menu screen
Select either ABR or OAE automated screening.
Impedance check screen
Step2: The pre-Test screen
Monitors powerline interference and infant noise. Individual electrodes are highlighted if their impedance is too high, or if their balance is poor
ABR Test waveform
Waveform display, simple graphical view and data summary available.
300 Test searchable database.
Gold Standard TEOAEs
Detailed analysis of DPOAE & TEOAE spectrum
DPOAE growth analysis
Otolink for easy and efficient data management
Print your detailed test results
Order code: DTC-S+ABR
Otoport DP+TE OAE+ABR supplied with: UGD probe, 1m and 2m electrode cables, manuals, consumables starter pack (including pack of electrodes and box of probe tips), probe cavity / ABR cable tester, charger, infection control sleeve, Otolink PC software, download cable, equipment case.